Our Mission Statement

“We intend to be the best organization in Afghanistan that is committed to providing service at a level of excellence that exceeds every industry standard, at a price that is fair. We urge to foresee Afghanistan as developed and an advanced globally recognized country.”

Commitment to our mission statement has been a fundamental reason for the exponential growth of ACTCO over the last 38 years. No organization can achieve the growth as ACTCO has shown without providing exceptional service and competitive price to our customer base. Exceptional service comes with the people within the ACTCO organization; people who have been invested in by the ACTCO organization and who have grown as ACTCO has grown. In fact the business we handle today is because we have carefully crafted client relationships inside and outside of Afghanistan. We aim to garner a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and we have never lost our sincere desire to meet them.

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Maafi Naama

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