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At ACTCO, the touchstone of our services is the highest standard of quality, which we uphold every step of the way. Throughout 38 years of profitable operations, ACTCO has developed one of the most extensive integrated logistics networks in Afghanistan for freight services and freight moving. We truly distinguish ourselves by the quality of our freight services as we can source the equipment you need, in the state or province you need it, to make sure your goods get to their destination on time.

Sea Freight Cargo

ACTCO provides competitive freight solution as we have a congenial relationship with all the shipping lines operational in the region. Backed by many, many years of experience, not to mention our meticulous planning and attention to detail, our sea cargo service is flexible enough to satisfy all transportation needs. Our wide service network and prompt customs clearance capabilities ensure efficient and economical consolidation services for a variety of sea-going cargos -- from small (LCL) and large (FCL) consignments to oversize bulk cargos.

Air Freight Cargo

ACTCO has good strong relations with all carriers operating in Afghanistan. Our air freight team has a profound knowledge of their air freight industry. Our team also aims to endow customers with a total fright and logistics solution for air freight, with rapid and reliable carriers at cost-effective prices. Our team handles customers’ cargos with maximum care, no matter how large or small.


In our endeavor to offer end-to-end business solutions, and peace of mind, we extend inventory warehousing and distribution service to all our clients, importers and exporters. These services recognize your warehousing and transportation requirements and enhance coordination.

Project Handling

ACTCO has efficiently handled varied projects for Afghanistan as well as for India, US , JAPAN and other parts of the world. Our seamless optimization system gives you enhanced productivity and efficiency through the creative use of over-the-road, sea, air or any combination of multi-modal services to meet the most stringent of deadlines. Our team of project specialists demonstrates their expertise, experience and commitment by delivering successful end-to-end solutions globally. Executing timely services for complex projects mandates an eye for detail. Highly interactive communications with exceptional visibility ensures successful implementation, execution and delivery of all project-related milestones.


At ACTCO, we provide end-to-end logistics solutions, and we manage to deliver your cargo from anywhere in the world to Afghanistan. Our global reach and personalized service will accommodate all of your needs. Our lead logistics experience allows us to handle the most complex supply chains. By clearly defining the systems and processes that ACTCO will use to manage your supply chain, we provide you the simple and economical alternative to manage your inventory. ACTCO will cycle your inventory and make sure our customers are receiving the service they would expect. Our 38 years of experience is testimony to the fact that we have known the ins and outs of the conditions of Afghanistan and that we can be trusted to handle your cargo with utmost care.

Our network is staffed with the skilled professionals who are capable of arranging shipments, door deliveries, custom clearance, insurance, and distribution services. We can accommodate anything from a local delivery to the most intricate tracking of all of your shipments no matter where they are. We also provide tailor-made supply chain solution. With our lead logistic warehousing and distribution team, we can help you to increase profitability while improving your operational efficiency with complete visibility.

While striving to be the most dynamic company in Afghanistan, ACTCO goes to great lengths to maintain our corporate culture. We believe in treating our customers like family. We devote our time to train our employees properly and pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. We stay close to the market trends and relentlessly fight for our customers’ demands to be met. We are keen to perfect the science of global logistics and the art of communication to win the privilege of serving you.

Countrywide Trucking

Since Afghanistan is devoid of rail movement, ACTCO has an extensive range of trucking solutions to satisfy your ground freight requirements. Be it expedited or deferred, LTL or FTL truck programs, we provide complete coast-to-coast coverage. We get your shipment where it needs to be, on time, in the most cost-effective way to any city across Afghanistan.

Full Truck Loads (FTL): We offer exclusive truck service due to its weight, volume, urgency or characteristics of the shipment, in which you require a reliable, secure and fast transportation service. We count on a wide network of carriers, which allows us to provide service in most of our region and comply with timely pickups and deliveries.

Less than Truck Loads: Our forte is our Less than Truck Loads (LTL) or consolidated a cargo service. Our personnel are well capacitated with the ability to offer logistic solutions in terms of rate, transit times and mode of transport. We work to provide you a secure and dependable service.


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