We have been a part of Afghanistan’s hard times and war times. We have felt those turbulent times and we completely understand the needs of our local customers. ACTCO’s transport has undergone a remarkable growth irrespective of occasional disruptions due to variety of factors like the war, crisis, economic depression etc. We thrive on challenges and consistently go above and beyond for our customers. Every contract, supply chain solution, phone call and shipment is a personal relationship with our customer. Whether we are managing your entire supply chain or offering a specialized service, our ability to listen and learn before taking action is what makes us and our solutions more effective. Moreover we facilitate our clients with insurance in case of any loss. In our company, we don’t have space for third parties as we have our own trustworthy people and that is where we are different from other companies.

ACTCO is the first Afghan Freight forwarding company to become a member of FIATA in 2006 and WCA Family of Logistics- WCAPN, IGLN and CGLN. We have been a special part of some very esteemed and exalted project shipments in Afghanistan. Our company is promoted by a dedicated team of professionals who have substantial experience and strong local contacts in this trade and possess an excellent record on all the operational aspects of the cargo movement. Our Head Office in Dubai credits us by providing access to the global customers more efficiently and helps to bridge affable relationships. Living in Afghanistan, using new-fangled technology (such as blackberry) acquaints our staff with the modernized hi-tech world. ACTCO ranks third at Kabul Airport Customs for the volumes it handles and provides Door to Door Services to the US Army, NATO and varied Embassies. We have a base of a strong value system and we believe in providing authentic information to our clients. We have managed to build strong links with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Finance and US Embassy and DOD. Also we have our own trade license in Afghaistan for import / export in Dubai and India. All these links benefits our clients in obtaining ‘MafiKhat’ (Duty Exemption Certificate) and also results in avoiding port detention and container charges.

Effective communication, trustworthy and flexible service are the reasons why this company is gaining prominence for offering the highest quality services and thus, be your best option for your logistics operations. We are aware of the disrupted condition of the market of Pakistan. To avoid such situations, ACTCO’s team members are ever ready to visit any location in order to keep your cargos safe and secure. Our service is ideal to help you export, transport, sell or handle the distribution of your products in and out of Afghanistan. From the pickup of goods from the remote areas in Afghanistan, packing of fragile products, palletizing, transportation, customs tariffs classification, document processing, customs brokerage, merchandise border crossing, distribution and final delivery to the end customer, and in general every phase of the door to door supply chain management, we know how to handle it. Since the foundation of our company, we have kept close relations with local authority, such as Customs, Commodity Inspection, Shipping Agency, and harbors carriers. All of these create good surroundings for cargo transportation for the customers in home and abroad.

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